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“Pure Vitamin C and pure Vitamin A are both powerful anti-aging products. Used together night and day, they offer benefits that work in synergy to intensely reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Together, they form a very effective team to fight any aging sign.” – Dr David Orentreich, Clinique Dermatologist

What is it?
A system featuring two boosters – one for daytime with Fresh Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid 10%) and one for nighttime with Fresh Vitamin A (Retinol) – that work synergistically to deliver results equal to a leading prescription to help reduce the look of lines and wrinkles after 12 weeks of use. It then goes beyond lines and wrinkles to provide a visible reduction in major signs of aging.

For best results, Clinique offers a system with vitamin C and A in their purest state.

These anti-aging molecules are powerful when they are fresh. In one application, the first effects are visible:

  • First use: brightness boosted + 36%
  • 1st week of use: smoother and denser skin
  • 4th week of use: visibly reduced wrinkles
  • 12 weeks of use: more uniform skin, deep wrinkles and intensely reduced forehead wrinkles – it is clinically proved that these results are equivalent to a medical prescription

The Fresh Pressed Clinical™ System contains pure, fresh, powerful Vitamin C and Vitamin A without additives. In addition to being very powerful, vitamins C and A are, according to dermatologists, the most beneficial ingredients for the skin. Combined the two boosters act synergistically for equivalent results to a dermatological prescription*  helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just 12 weeks.

  • During the day, pure vitamin C illuminates, unifies and densifies. it works on the surface of the skin to illuminate immediately. With time and prolonged use, the skin is remarkably uniform and densified. In the morning, your skin is fresh and ready to face the day.
  • At night, pure vitamin A (Retinol) revitalizes, plumps and rejuvenates. At that time, pure vitamin A penetrates deeper because the skin regenerates. Over time, it repairs skin damage caused by UV and age.

Innovative packaging protects the potency of the formula:
For maximum freshness and potency, the pure liquid Vitamin A (Retinol) is protected in a double-walled chamber and only released into the Soothing Emulsion for mixing when ready to use.
By activating the Vitamin A just before the first application, it is guaranteed to be at maximum potency for maximum results.