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The new Gucci DIY wool cardigans, bombers and sweater – interchangeable for men and women – are imagined by six different artists. The retro-inspired unisex designs that are featured inside the artworks are customizable with an intarsia-knitted initial in diverse colors.

Besides the knitwear you can also customize the Ophidia GG Supreme large tote, where the retro-inspired letters mix with House codes including the Web stripe and GG motif,  and sneakers.

Take a look at the artworks from the creatives: Angela Deane, Marc Burckhardt, Amber Vittoria, Ashley Longshore and Isabella Cotier. Angela.

Deane’s friendly ghosts named Sam and Wendall wear the sweaters painted on top of winter scenes. Isabella Cotier’s portrait style illustrations are based on the characters who live around her London neighborhood, and artist and illustrator Marc Burckhardt’s richly detailed creations feature a gorilla and a tiger, chosen by the artist because “the elegance and style of a tiger seemed like a perfect fit for Gucci, and the brute strength of the gorilla felt like an amusing counterpoint to the sophistication of the DIY line.” Amber Vittoria—an artist who focuses on the accurate portrayal of women within art—imagines two female characters, Ashley Longshore paints a girl immersed in flowers.

We are already super excited to wear knitwear from Gucci with our own initial, design your now on: www.gucci.com.