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To unify the complexion and boost skin’s radiance in a single step, Givenchy has given a new edge to Prisme Primers. Inspired by the beloved Prisme Libre, Givenchy’s iconic loose powder, these new primers enhance facial features by providing them with a luminous and beautifying filter. The Prisme Primers are available in five different correcting pastel hues and a mattifying transparent shade to meet the needs of all skin tones and offer the highest standards of perfection. 

“Like a lace veil on the skin, the new Prisme Primers brighten the complexion, creating maximum radiance.” – Nicolas Degennes

After application, redness is reduced, dull skin becomes more radiant, shiny areas are mattified and imperfections are faded. Nicolas Degennes reinvents face primer for Givenchy. 

The formulation of Prisme Primers is outstanding. With their gliding, ultra-thin texture, they provide adjustable coverage and a soft and comfortable finish. 

To refresh the complexion every day, the formula contains Beauty Blooming Complex, a composite of active ingredients with natural extracts for instant and long-lasting results: 

  • Wild pansy helps the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and aquaporin-3 for optimal hydration. 
  • Wild rose fruits help to refine skin texture and protect the skin from free radicals. 
  • Magnolia unifies the complexion. 

For a long-term effect, rice peptides act on the nutrient imbalances of the cells, while a mineral cocktail provides new energy and vitality to the skin’s cells. Lastly, organic and mineral filters provide SPF 20 PA++ sun protection against external causes of damage (Except for the mattifying shade). 

A wide range of shades for customised results 

Through its iconic loose powder, Prisme Libre, Givenchy has become an expert in concealers with pastel tones. The new Prisme Primers benefit from this knowledge and go a step further by offering a colour for every need, to target and correct every complexion. The filters work their magic for a customised result. 

Each Prisme Primer responds to a specific problem: 

  • Yellow, when applied locally to dark circles, compensates for the blue colour. The all-over variant provides radiance to medium skin tones.
  • Blue gives instant radiance to fair skin and grey complexions.
  • Green tones down redness.
  • Pink gives a natural freshness to fair skin.
  • Apricot brightens and unifies medium to dark complexions.
  • With its transparent texture, black visibly mattifies shiny areas and reduces the appearance of dilated pores on all skin tones.

A range of tubes with pastel colours 

The five tubes feature irresistible pastel colours and have a velvety feel, replicating the sensation on the skin. Only the transparent mattifying Primer has a contrasting black tube, symbolising its universal mattifying effect. 

A fun and versatile application 

You don’t need to be a pro to use the Prisme Primers properly. The fine and creamy texture can be easily applied with fingers or a brush, depending on personal preference, onto bare skin for maximum radiance and for an astonishing correcting effect. 

They can either be applied to the entire face or to certain parts for targeted correction (dark circles, the T-zone of the face, the sides of the nose, etc). 

Prisme Primer can be used alone as a unique skin product for a unified tone and a natural glow or as a make-up primer for a more sophisticated, high-cover finish.