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Hong Kong-born designer Madeleine Thompson has her very own label based in London, she designs the most beautiful cashmere pieces. In collaboration with REBELLE she designed a dark blue sweater with a shiny rainbow. A part of the proceeds goes to the charity initiative: “Rebelle with a cause” in collaboration with the children’s rights organization plan international. To help girls and young women in Zimbabwe to build an independent future.

You’re the designer and creator of Madeleine Thompson Cashmere. When did you start your business and what is it all about?
I started the business almost 10 years ago! And I think our message has been the same the whole way through: to design and manufacture amazing quality cashmere and to push the boundaries of how knitwear is made and worn. I loved the idea of making contemporary pieces in this ultra-lux material.

Your knitwear is dominated by the material cashmere. What do you love the most about it and what makes it so special?
Cashmere is just the most special material! It breathes when you’re warm and keeps you so snuggly when it’s cold! It really is the most versatile and wonderful way to wear clothes. I am thrilled to be part of the revolution in the change in how people are wearing knitwear.

How to care best for your cashmere products?
It responds well to dry clean and the best way at home is to wash with a good cashmere shampoo by hand (don’t ring it out and don’t scrub it). Lay it flat on a towel to dry (never hang it) and if you want to really protect it you store it in separate bags in your closet.

Your first Madeleine Thompson designer piece?
The ​MT beanie​, A-line mini dress and a massive wrap (2 out of 3 styles still selling on NET to this day!!)

What is your inspiration?
I’m very inspired by vintage sportswear and that contrast between working it in cashmere and keeping it with that edge.

How do you style the Madeleine Thompson x REBELLE Diversity Jumper​​?
I ADORE this jumper. It’s rock ‘n ‘roll and just super fabulous. I would wear with big boots and a shirt skirt.

It is said that a treasure is hidden at the end of a rainbow. For what designer treasure would you hit the rainbow route?
I love rainbows so I would be along just for the rainbow ride! I guess I’ve always been after a vintage YSL handbag…

Speaking of treasures. Do you own vintage treasures?
Yes of course! Some of my best pieces are vintage; especially dresses from the 70’s, my favourite era.

Your favourite designer?
I have always loved Chloé and the timeless romance and bohemian glamour of the brand. Nowadays I buy and wear a lot of Ganni which is killing it. It’s just spot on.

You grew up in both London and Hong Kong. What has shaped your style the most from these cities?
London is the more fabulous city and I love it so much. It’s buzzing. I love the juxtaposition between the attitude and the young vibe mixed with the solid history and depth of the history. I get inspired waking down the street every day. Hong Kong is wonderful too. Its a ‘can do’ place with the same attitude and it’s where dreams can come true with hard work. I feel truly blessed to be from both cities

The sweater is available via www.rebelle.com