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Dior Beauty always comes with amazing new releases, and today they even launched four new releases. We put them together for you so you can keep up to date of all new things hitting the beauty counter.

Diorskin Forever Matte + Glow

Not simply concealing, but truly revealing all the skin’s sensuality – therein lies the true magic of foundation. Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, reinvented this seduction and self-confidence booster with Dior Forever.

“Whatever relationship woman have with their makeup, everyone want that perfect, sublime complexion that foundation gives them.” Peter Philips

The iconic Forever fluid foundation, a longtime reference thanks to its high-perfection, imperceptible and long-wearing formula, now goes even further. Today, it offers all women longer 24-hour wear with sensational comfort thanks to a reinforced skincare action. A new, highly desirable, Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation has been added to the now-cult natural matte finish.

A well-calibrated range of 67 shades matches every subtle nuance of all skin tones. The palette of beiges is available with hues and tones of rose, amber, olive, and peach to fuse with every skin tone, from the lightest to the darkest. Forever enhances and cares for the skin of every woman, giving them the opportunity to reveal the best of themselves. Women will love their skin in Dior.

“As long as it is luminous, you can’t go wrong with a matte finish. Dior Forever is always flattering, in all situations. It evens out the complexion and blurs imperfections and fine lines.” — Peter Philips

Lightweight oils, chosen to add glide and sensoriality, evaporate upon application. Hydrating agents add luminosity and offer a plump skin sensation while improving adherence to the skin. A radiant powder boosts ideal light reflection.

Dior Lip Glow to the Max

This is the new Lip Glow to the Max! Concealed in the signature pink tube, its bullet combines a double dose of Lip Glow shades in a mesmerizing swirl. The aim: to push the radiance cursor (even) further. Featuring extreme concentration in the brightest hue, two times more than in the original Lip Glow 001, the Color Reviver Technology uses the eosine molecule which adapts to the pH of the lips, revealing a customized hue. The lightest colour is saturated in fine, shimmering iridescence for extreme radiance. 

Still concentrated in mango butter, the formula delivers 24-hour hydration. Available in the Lip Glow shades, the candy-swirl duos of Lip Glow To The Max come in two finishes. Five shades, from “Pink” to “Berry,” have a dewy effect that imitates the highly desirable finish of freshly kissed lips. The two additional shades, “Holo Pink” and “Holo Purple”, reveal iridescent holographic shine.

“Every colour combination is both fun and dazzling, although I confess to have a weak spot for the nude “Rosewood” duo,” Peter Philips confides.

Infused with vibrant pigments and a flash of incredible shine, lips reveal a new, magnetic radiance.

Peter Philips’ tip: “First apply Lip Glow To The Max, then layer with the matching Lip Maximizer to produce not only a spectacular makeup result, but also the combined benefits of lip care and volume.”

Capture Youth

Young for longer: Capture Youth, the active antioxidation revolution inspired by predictive medicine, Capture Youth is the first proactive mix & match regimen. This state-of-the-art customized program is capable of boosting the skin’s youth capital and delaying signs of aging – wrinkles, fine lines, lack of tone and elasticity – before they even appear. A pillar of the Capture Youth program, the Age-Delay Advanced Creme doubles the antioxidant power in 2 hours, to protect the skin’s youthful beauty for as long as possible. In addition, targeted active serums (plumping, mattifying, soothing, illuminating or lifting) meet the needs of every skin type.

Strengthen the mix & match approach with a new serum dedicated to stressed skin designed as a hero product, Intense Rescue, the Age-Delay Revitalizing Oil-Serum helps restore lipids and protect skin that is extremely dry or fatigued by seasonal stress, for a “reset” effect in record time. Complete the Youth routine with an expert step: Age-Delay Resurfacing Water Dior reinvents resurfacing with a proactive lotion. The Age-Delay Resurfacing Water helps clarify the skin daily, strengthen its barrier and stimulate cellular activity.

A lotion that acts on the surface to boost the skin in depth? In addition to intrinsic aging, the skin is subjected to daily attacks from external aggressors (pollution, tobacco, etc.). Skin cells on the surface are the most oxidized. They accumulate and thicken the skin barrier. Through a system of chain reactions, this phenomenon accentuates and sustains oxidation deep within.

This solution unites the sensory feeling of a water that instantly fuses with the skin and the natural power of exfoliating Papaya enzymes combined with the antioxidant Iris Florentina. On the surface, dead skin cells are eliminated, and cell renewal is stimulated. In depth, glyoxalase production is revived, and the youth capital protected. Rehydrated and moisturized, the skin is more receptive to subsequently applied ingredients. It is fresh and bright.

JOY by Dior Moisturizing Body Lotion Foaming Shower Gel

JOY by Dior’s luminous scent is an appeal to sensuality in everyday life. Generous and multiple skin-to-skin contact is the aim, both in the shower and with the caress of a melting milk. And that is why a hydrating body lotion and a creamy shower gel have arrived, to extend the perfume’s enveloping floral notes and emphasise its pointillist magic. Both have been created by François Demachy with exacting precision, as creations in their own right, which enhance the signature of JOY by Dior.

“Creating products based on a perfume is always a challenge in terms of formulation, as you need to keep the signature scent while transposing it into a different medium. I find it an exciting exercise, as it requires a perfect understanding of the perfume’s structure every time, in order to translate it into another language. For JOY by Dior, whose very rich structure increased the challenge tenfold, I needed to keep the instant luminosity and emphasise the freshness, while modulating its myriad notes so that they would be suitable for skincare formulas.” – François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

Ethereal, and particularly light and agreeable upon application, the “Moisturizing Body Lotion” drapes the skin in a soft and silky veil. The fresh sensation is instantaneous and the scent is astonishingly present and faithful. JOY by Dior is there, a pink caress on the skin, like a cocoon of wellbeing that intensifies its floral light.

The rich lather of the “Foaming Shower Gel” is like an enchanting soft caress. In a delicate shade of translucent pink it is delightfully fresh. Its instantly enveloping scent procures immediate pleasure that lingers on your skin and subtly emphasises the beauty of JOY by Dior.

We are absolutely excited about these new releases! So time for a shopping spree at the Dior Beauty counter! 😉